Bookbinding Project - Koenscherzo

I had promised a copy of Koenscherzo to someone, so I decided to bind it nicely.  Unfotunately for the recipient, it turned out so beautiful that I was reluctant to part with it!

I got the cover paper and endpapers from the Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster.  The photo can't possibly do it justice, but the cover paper is really exceptional.  I didn't fully appreciate it until the binding was finished:  I think it has a lot to do with the texture.  This paper has a very natural, porous finish to it, almost rough.  It made it feel like a special treasure you'd find in an old library or used book store.  I picked up the spine material and ribbon for binding at JoAnn's.  The spine material is fabric, backed with fusible interfacing; the ribbon, satin.

The endpapers were a thin, fine, translucent specialty paper, so I glued them to a sheet of fine linen stationery for strength, using spray adhesive.

I also used spray adhesive on the cover board and cover paper, which worked really well, and practically eliminated the warping you get with regular glue.  The cover board was made from 2 sheets of cardboard, which was the perfect weight for this project.

Here you see the back side of the endpaper, and the title page.

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Beautiful work!!
Posted by Barbara on Sunday, December 28, 2008
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