Women's Retreat Booklets

My home fellowship was having a women's retreat, and I volunteered to help make some little booklets that they wanted to give to each person.

Below are the 18 completed 5"x7" booklets.

Each has a fabric spine with matching reinforced corners, decorative paper covering the book boards, and complementary end papers.  No two are alike.

Book Cover End Papers

Book Cover End Papers

Book Cover End Papers

I really loved some of the beautiful colors and patterns I found for the spine material, book covers, and end papers, though at times it was difficult to come up with a matching set.  I think it may be easier to use cloth to cover the book boards, because there exists a better selection of complementary fabrics... which are also used for quilting.

The interior of this 16-page stitched booklet consists of a title page, program, bio of the guest speaker with photo, and a series of journal pages with a scripture verse at the top.

Title Page Interior Page

What I Learned

If you're going to use paper to cover the book boards, be sure to use a thin, flexible paper.  Some of the paper I used was too stiff, and cracked rather than folding neatly around the edges of the book board.  In the future, I think I'm just going to use cloth for covering the boards.

I used spray adhesive to mount the cover paper to the book boards, and this was not the best choice.  In some cases, the paper wrinkled, and in other cases, it just didn't adhere properly.  I've discovered that you can buy a simmering pot for hot glue sticks, which can then be applied with a brush.  I think I'll try this next time.  The only glue that really has to be flexible is the glue you use on the spine.

Finally, doing 18 booklets at one time is a bit overwhelming.  Bookbinding is a wonderful way to create a unique, hand-crafted item whose beauty reflects the care and love that went into the making.  To best achieve this, it's probably better to do one at a time.  Still, I was fairly pleased with the outcome, and it was certainly fun to have a reason to put these together.

Geek note:  I know I'm playing too much World of Warcraft.  With each cover I assembled, I couldn't help thinking, "Your Bookbinding skill has increased to 250..."

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