Silver Chainmail Necklace with Pink Teardrop Beads

This necklace was made with 660 18-gauge silver plated rings, embellished with pink Czech pressed glass teardrop beads and pink faceted glass beads.


Pattern:  I don't know the name of the pattern for the top row.  I saw a picture of a bracelet using this pattern, and I think it was called a wedding pattern, but I can't find that link.  I saw another bracelet that used a similar pattern (using 2 links to connect instead of 3), and it was called a "coda" or "helm" pattern.  Subsequent rows use a Japanese 12-in-1 pattern.

Materials:  I found the large pink beads and the silver lobster clasp at Michaels.  I ordered the jump rings from The Bead Man, and I found the pink teardrop beads at Fusion Beads.

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I double-checked, and the small rings are 3.5mm ID, not 4mm. 18-gauge.
Posted by Carolyn on Tuesday, April 14, 2015
sorry disregard the previous comment i didnt see you already mentioned it
Posted by miscellaneous on Tuesday, April 14, 2015
thank you very much but i have one more question do you recall the gauge of the rings you used
Posted by miscellaneous on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For the top row I used 7mm rings for the large rings, and I think the small rings are 4mm.

Step 1: You start with 4 large rings (shown in blue) stacked together, and join them with 3 small rings (shown in green), as follows:

Step 2: Next, spread out 2 of the large rings, so that you have 2 on each side of the small rings:

Step 3: Then, take another large ring, and loop it around the 3 small rings, and between the 2 big rings on either side. Here's the front view:

And here's what it looks like from the edge:

Step 4: Next, attach another 3 small links to 2 of the large links:

Step 5: Link 2 more large rings through the 3 small rings:

Step 6: As in step 3, take a large ring and loop it around the 3 small rings:

Continue in this manner until you have a chain of the desired length.

Step 7: To join this to the next row, link 2 small rings to a single large ring:

Step 8: Link a large ring through the 2 small rings:

Step 9: Link 2 more small rings through the large ring you just added, and through the single large ring in the row above. The large ring in the 2nd row will now sit directly below the double rings in the row above.

Step 10: Add another set of 2 small rings, 1 large ring, and 2 small rings, as shown. The single ring in the top row will now have 4 small rings attached to it.

Step 11: Join the 2 large rings in row 2 with 2 small rings.

Posted by Carolyn on Tuesday, April 14, 2015
i know this is a really old post but is there anyway that i could get a picture or diargram where the "helm" pattern you used connects to the other portion of the necklace
Posted by miscellaneous on Monday, April 13, 2015

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