Sam I Am Baby Quilt

My first actual quilt.  I have a friend who is very fond of Dr. Seuss; she has a new baby.  You can probably guess the baby's name.

This was fun to put together.  I got the fabric for the quilt top from The Fat Quarter Shop.  They have a Green Eggs and Ham fat quarter bundle with a quilt pattern, but I used my own design, which I sketched out on graph paper.  (They also sell the fabrics separately by yardage.)  When I finished the quilt, it was neat to see how the design became a reality.

The "S" in the center section was appliqued; the remaining letters were pieced.

The corners were constructed from a set of panels:

The back is a super-soft, plushy fabric (possibly minky?) I got locally at The Busy Bee Quilt Shop in Calimesa.

As for the actual quilting, since this was my first project, I kept things simple and used the "stitch-in-the-ditch" technique.

Anyway, my friend really loved the quilt, and she and her son are sure to enjoy it for years to come.

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