Here Be The Home - Futhark Poem

Here be the home
   of two heavenly-minded,
God-fearing good folk,
   Gilbert and Carolyn,
and the copious cats
   who keep them company.

Being about
   the blessed one's business
in humbleness of heart,
   hoping for Heaven,
they wistfully await
   that wonderful day
when they'll joyfully join
   Jesus their Savior,
as the God of Glory
   His greatness reveals.

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What more can be said, what greater case can be made than this:  to find God, you must look with all your heart.  To remain present to God, you must remain present to your heart.  To hear His voice, you must listen with your heart.  To love Him, you must love with all your heart.  You cannot be the person God meant you to be, and you cannot live the life He meant you to live, unless you live from the heart.
— John Eldredge
Waking the Dead