Spirited Away

I love just about everything in this classic fairy tale. I love the story, the animation, the spirit-creatures, the's all wonderful.  This is my favorite of all of Miyazaki's work.


I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and personally thought it ranked up there with The Princess Bride for movies in its genre.

(By the way, the book is not as good as the film.)


This blew me away.  Creepy, intense, and very well done.  The more times I watch this, the more I absolutely love this film.  Spiritual warfare, self-sacrifice, redemption — excellent, excellent film.


This is such an art film.  The cinematography is beautiful, and I love the use of color. I also love the way they tell the story a little differently each time.  I find this film very tranquil — almost meditative, which seems somewhat at odds with it's classification as a martial-arts movie.  Also, I really love the soundtrack.


This film came out around the same time as The Titanic, and so may have been overlooked.  It's a good story about a group of Africans from the slave ship Amistad whose freedom hangs in the balance in a pre-civil war American courtroom.  Spielberg directs; John Williams composes an excellent score.

My Neighbor Totoro

My second favorite of Miyazaki's films.  I love his attention to detail, and they way that he indirectly tells the story from the point of view of the elder daughter...omitting the kinds of details that an adult would naturally want to know right away.  I also love how he subtly conveys the passage of time by marking certain key events, like the starting of school, the harvesting of the vegetables, and putting up the mosquito netting, all serving to very quietly and progressively heighten the tension in film.


This is still one of my favorite fantasy films.

Howl's Moving Castle

My third favorite of Miyazaki's films.  There was just one detail about the end of this film that I didn't like, but otherwise very enjoyable.

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