Site Launch
Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hello and welcome!  Well, here it is.  After visiting and dabbling with a number of blogging and social networking sites, I finally decided to put up a site of my own, where I could share my music, poetry, photos, and anything else I wanted, in a format that I felt suited me best.  That's the joy of being a developer — you can build it however you like! 

There's still a lot of content to add, particularly in the Music section.  I have quite a few pieces that have never been recorded.  Sometime this month I plan to get my piano tuned, and then I'd like to start recording.  I also have a few creative projects in the works, which of course will get posted if and when they reach completion. 

So, have fun, explore, sign my guestbook, leave comments.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting The Carolingian Realm!

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What more can be said, what greater case can be made than this:  to find God, you must look with all your heart.  To remain present to God, you must remain present to your heart.  To hear His voice, you must listen with your heart.  To love Him, you must love with all your heart.  You cannot be the person God meant you to be, and you cannot live the life He meant you to live, unless you live from the heart.
— John Eldredge
Waking the Dead