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Friday, April 2, 2010

So, I was reading Homegrown Mom's blog, and she's hosting a giveaway.  She said that the winner would be chosen by Random.org.  Curious, I visited the Random.org website.  Under the "Fun and Free" section, I saw the link for a Jazz Scale Generator, and I laughed!

Turns out, it wasn't at all what I thought.  What this tool does is randomly select a known scale, such as "C# pentatonic minor", presumably so that you can practice improvising on that scale.  It doesn't include the modes.

From my perspective, I was thinking of Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales.  Nicolas Slonimsky was a modern composer who made up a whole bunch of new scales.  I was thinking that this was a tool to randomly generate a new scale.

Since that wasn't the case, I decided to build one:

Carolyn's Random Scale Generator

While I was at it, I threw in a Random Motif Generator as well.  The song Bridges was actually composed using this method.

So, have fun!  If you actually compose anything with these tools, post a comment and let me know!

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