The Carolingian Realm as a Facebook App
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is Facebook an evil monster that slowly draws you deeper and deeper into its never-ending lair?  Well, be that the case or no, in order to add some functionality to the new "Like" buttons on my site, I had to register the website as a Facebook app.  And when you do that, it creates a page on Facebook.  Check it out!

(BTW, on the Facebook app page, I used the new HTML5 <audio> tags for my music.  They work really great, but there are a couple disadvantages.  Google Chrome supports .mp3 files, but Firefox only supports .wav files.  The Mozilla documentation says that they also support .ogg files, but that didn't work.  The main difference here is the compression.  I had one .mp3 of a song that was about 5MB — the .ogg was about the same size — but the .wav file for that song was 47MB, which would take way to long to load.  What I wound up doing was creating 30-second samples for each song, which, as .wav files, wound up being around 5MB each.)

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