San Diego Comic Con 2013 Masquerade - Best in Show
Monday, July 22, 2013

We had a fun, if exhausting time, at San Diego Comic Con this year.  All of our efforts were focused on the masquerade, which paid off as our Galaxy Quest entry took Best in Show.  Our team leader Jen King did a great job sewing all the uniforms for both crew & Thermians, and leveraged her years of comic con masquerade experience to compose a winning skit.  Gilbert Lozano sculpted Sarris' mask and helmet, Doctor Lazarus' prosthetic, and the Thermian in its "natural" state, and worked very hard to get everything molded, cast and painted.  Doug Fortney carved, painted & engineered the rock monster costume, with a little guidance from Gilbert, and Francesca Kraemer made Sarris' armor.  Peter Burt was responsible for doing all the editing on that outstanding soundtrack.

Mike Hale did a fantastic job as Guy Fleegman, and was making everyone laugh with his smarmy wink.  I played Tawny Madison/Gwen DeMarco, Doug Fortney stayed ever in-character as Alexander Dane/Doctor Lazarus, while Reyes Arce did a great job portraying Fred Kwan/Tech Sgt. Chen.  It was Reyes' idea to come out munching on a bag of potato chips, too funny!  Peter Burt was our intrepid Commander Peter (Peter Peter Peter) Quincy (Quincy Quincy Quincy) Taggert (Taggert Taggert Taggert)... Jason Nesmith!  He worked so hard to get those barrel rolls just right, and has plenty of bumps and bruises to prove it.  Our Thermian complement included Cheryl Hagar as Mathesar, Nicole Hale as Quellek, Veronica Golenia as Laliari, and Francesca Kraemer, who I think is supposed to be Requisitions Officer Lahnk, in "natural" form.  That costume was very heavy, with extremely limited visibility.  Francesca had to rely on cues from her fellow crew members to guide her on stage.  Jen King was great as the imposing Sarris, and Michael King delighted everyone as the rock monster.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2013 - GALAXY QUEST

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Fantastic work to everyone and a great Loving Thank you to Carolyn and Doug who kept me going even when I was ready to surrender! Never Give up never surrender!!!! Gilbert
Posted by Gilbert Lozano on Friday, December 27, 2013
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