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Monday, December 16, 2013

Not that the need for this comes up often, but I found this really cool tool online that I thought I'd share.  I was browsing this quilting site on my iPad, and the text displayed in a really beautiful font.  Since the iPad is running Safari, I didn't have a web inspector handy to tell me what font it was.  When I pulled up the site in Chrome on my laptop to check the style sheet, it came up in a different font; the style read 'Comic Sans MS', cursive.  Clearly the iPad was not rendering Comic Sans.  Strangely enough, I couldn't find a reference that would tell me the default cursive font for Safari, and I didn't see it in the list of iOS fonts.  (It was listed there, however; the only reason I didn't see it was that the font wasn't installed on my MacBook).  In any case, my search led me to a site called Identifont, which has a great tool for identifying a font by its appearance, simply by answering a series of questions.  It was amazing, and worked perfectly!  The font turned out to be Snell Roundhand.  It's quite pretty.

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