Recording Studios Exist for a Reason
Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's amazing how difficult it is to get a good recording.  You'd think it would be hard enough just to get a decent performance, but when you add all the distractions and ambient noise that comes from trying to record something in your living room, it seems well-nigh impossible!  First there are the cats.  They can ignore me for hours at a time, but the minute I start recording, that's when they absolutely must have my attention.  Kibo jumps up on the piano and walks over my music.  Gabriel comes up to me and starts meowing and rubbing against my leg...he's so sweet, I can't help but to laugh and give him a kiss.  I can't just throw them outside...I can throw the girls out, but the boy kitties always manage to get themselves in trouble, so they don't get to go outside unsupervised.  Then there is the truly amazing variety of background noise, from sirens to helicopters to other people's gardeners.  Honestly, I think all gardening power tools should be banned — at least until they can be made decently quiet.  Doesn't anybody use a broom anymore?

Ah well, such is my rant.  For what it's worth, I've posted some recorder duets that I wrote a few years back.  Enjoy.

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I know just how you feel. I have given up even attempting to record anything at my house, there is just too much street noise. Also, the elevated nature of the house turns it into a kind of drum, and the cats can't play very well.
Posted by Thomas on Thursday, March 13, 2008
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