2nd Grade Kanji Diagrams
Saturday, June 27, 2009

I finally finished scanning and cropping all of the 2nd grade kanji brush-stroke diagrams.  You can view them by going to the kanji database, select Grade 2 in the search box, and click "List Kanji".  At the bottom of the page is a link to the Writing/Calligraphy Practice page.  Beside each character is a row of 5 boxes for you to practice writing that character.

My recommendation for learning the kanji is to go through the flashcards, adding a few at a time, until you can recognize all the characters in a grade level.  I find that it is one thing to be able to recognize a character, and another thing entirely to be able to draw it from memory.  That's where the writing practice comes in.  Print out the Writing/Calligraphy Practice for the set of characters you are working on, and practice writing each one.  Then, print out the Writing Quiz, and try drawing them from memory.

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