Web Color Families

Have you ever needed to compose colors for web or other digital media?  One of the most useful online tools I've found is the VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab.  But sometimes you just need a quick reference, to say, “What color is that?”  Or, “How do I make such-and-such a color?”  The chart below shows the main color families, and the RGB pattern that forms each color group.

Description Pattern Swatches
Red r > ( g = b )
Orange r > g > b
Yellow ( r = g ) > b
Spring g > r > b
Green g > ( r = b )
Teal g > b > r
Cyan ( g = b ) > r
Azure b > g > r
Blue b > ( r = g )
Violet b > r > g
Magenta ( r = b ) > g
Pink r > b > g
Gray r = g = b

Or here's another way of looking at it:

color chart

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