Solo Flight

one crystal sky
high as the dreams of a child
fathomless in hue
a deep cobalt passion blue;
there, far above the earth
like a white and fiery star,
a figure gliding softly through the air
riding on the wind
rising like a prayer
to bear aloft some hidden care
to bear aloft on feathers fair
one dragon brilliant 'neath the sun
its plaintive flight yet late begun

high above the valley floor
riderless the dragon soars
its white pearlescent scales shine
cool and smooth as marble fine
polished to a brilliant lustrous glow
iridescent mother-of-pearl
radiant as white opal
gleaming with incandescent fire
the dragon spirals ever higher
snowy feathers stretchéd wide;
it looketh not from side to side,
but shuts its eyes against the tide
of sorrow's whelming flood

drawing deep the frigid air
it fills its lungs with th'icy draught
and forcefully expels its prayer
lifting its voice unto the sky
it pours its melodies on high
an aching, mournful song it cries
in five-part harmony

and such a music fills the air
twould make the hardest heart despair
and beg that God above would mercy show

so spreadeth far this awesome sound
echoing for miles around
suffusing the skies, it flutters down
to coat the earth below
while every tree and blade of grass
shudders with a breathless gasp
and in the meadow, 'neath the call,
lilac petals softly fall
like wet forgotten tears

minor seven, minor nine
weaves the intricate design
notes like lovers passionately entwined
and lifts the anguish now intense
expressed in bitter dissonance
holding agony in suspense
one breath,
one gasp,
one tear descends
until at last the soul relents
knowing there is no recompense
in meek acceptance finally resigned;
thus the harm'ny ultimately shifts,
resolving to an hollow, open fifth

wisps of ashen smoke behind expire
a trail of pale grey smoke devoid of fire
bearing the fragrance of a deserted beach
after an autumn rain
incense of seasalt and autumn rain

the creature guides its flight toward the falls
drawing a wingtip 'cross the bright cascade
as dewdrops sparkle, scattering the light
glistening on feathers ardent white
then plunging through, it shuts its sapphire eyes
drenching silken strands of snowy hair
soft white hair luxuriously displayed
from velvet muzzle to its tufted mane
and all along its back, like pouring rain
cold, clear water flows o'er lucent scales
streaming down a graceful, nacreous tail

out into the sunshine once again
the dragon lifts its head unto the skies;
up toward a rocky bluff it flies,
whose vista overlooks the verdant vale.
turning sharp, it gracefully alights
amid a bed of primrose, gold and bright;
softly midst the fragrant flowers it lies,
with a deep and final breath, it shuts its eyes.

there among the flowers the dragon sleeps,
caressed by a gentle breeze;
the dragon sleeps,
lost in dreams
and memories.

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For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
— 2 Corinthians 4:17
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