Rain, Cats, Tea

awakened, in no particular hurry
the house is quiet and still
four happy warm cats
snuggle among the bedding
the sky is pale
raindrops hang from the wire
like a string of pearls, glistening
thank you for this moment
...all i have
throw off the noisy dream
distracted with aimless activity
compose a letter to a friend
trying to suppress the stressful whispers
time makes me anxious
the rain beats steadily
on the open-beam ceiling
sitting quietly
with a cup of hot tea
one cat in my lap
another by my side
just this
just be thankful for the moment
...all i have

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You have to ask yourself if you believe what you believe because it truly best fits the available data, or if you believe what you believe simply because it's comfortable and convenient.  If God is real, then His existence is not dependent on the belief or unbelief of any individual or group of individuals.  And if God is God, then how and whether we respond to Him matters tremendously.